Lake Druid Dog Park

899 Coy Dr, Orlando, FL 32803


Lake Druid Dog Park, in Orlando, Florida. A 19-acre park with a lake, dog run, and trails. There are two large areas. One for <35lbs and the other for >= 35lbs.

This park has plenty of parking, but if you live nearby, it’s worth the walk. It happens to be just off the trail and has a great little community garden to one side and a dirt-bike/bmx track on the other side. This means there are always people there with dogs, but also families with kids on their bikes. A great and active area!

This dog park has a section for bigger dogs and a small dog section. It is well-maintained and clean, but pretty simple. The park closes at 6pm, so you’ll have to get that energy out fairly early in the evening because there aren’t good lights after it gets dark.